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Xbox Game Streaming Windows app unreleased features

Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PCs from Microsoft is finalizing, consisting of streaming games access from the company’s xCloud service. The unannounced and unreleased app will soon allow Windows users to stream games from xCloud and Xbox Series S / X consoles as well once released.

Right now, Windows PCs aren’t allowed for players to stream games from the new Xbox consoles, as this is not supported in the current Xbox Console Companion application.

The new application will solve the issue, and furthermore, for the first time, bring xCloud streaming to Windows PCs. From last year, the xCloud app for Windows has improved a lot since then.

To connect to Xbox consoles, the Xbox remote play feature works correspondingly to how the current Console Companion does. There is an option to remotely wake an Xbox console, play games from anywhere, and sign in.

Presently, there is full touch uphold without a controller that lets Surface or other touchscreen devices play Xbox games.

Microsoft additionally seems to be preparing some type of gyro support here, as well. There’s a choice to enable this, however it doesn’t appear to be completely functional yet. It’s still unfinished, this is an internal beta application.  

Microsoft additionally seems to be preparing 1080p streams for xCloud, rather than the 720p that exists today.

Of course, it would enhance the experience on Windows PCs, in front of higher resolutions once Microsoft has updated its xCloud servers to involve Xbox Series X hardware.

It’s still unclear that when exactly this app will be available more broadly. Microsoft is supposed to plan –what’s new for gaming–an event for this month, and hence possibly we’ll hear significantly more about the company’s xCloud plans for iOS and web, as well very soon.